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Fun stuff: odlawband@gmail.com

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ODLAW put music out through Blue Grey Pink

Odlaw is Mark Neal, Dane Knowles, David Jago, Cameron O’loughlin, and Renae Knowles. we’re a 5 piece indie punk rock vibe music making band from Perth, Western Australia.

My names Mark, I write most of the words in this band, like 99% of them, and often a song starts from something I’ve mapped out on acoustic guitar in my lounge room. I also do all the emailing and booking things, and take care of all the management type stuff. Here’s something you might not realise, in most bands there’s usually 1 person who steers the ship and does everything. They might not be the most important person in the band creatively, but they are the person who gets things moving forward. In Odlaw, i’m that guy.

I started writing music after high school. I got lucky, I lived in Denmark WA, a small beach town in the great southern that has no traffic lights, but has an openness to creative arts. There was a small government college that had a couple of courses, one of them was music. Through this course and mentorship of a great teacher, I learnt to write songs, play guitar, and found a huge love, respect, and admiration for the music community.

Odlaw started as a combined creative outlet for me and our former member Ben Macri in 2012. Ben Macri played in The Words, a Bunbury band that did some pretty special things in the late 00’s, a songwriter and a band that I really admire, still do.

… i’ll finish this later